Grigio Couture was launched a few years ago as a matter of heart. We actively support a sustainable rethinking in the fashion industry with which we want to act specifically against species extinction and the destruction of our nature.

Grigio Couture is a fashion label that aims to raise awareness of our environment through high-quality designs. When buying a Grigio garment, you help preserve the remaining beauty of nature and protect it for future generations.
Part of our proceeds go exclusively to organizations and photographers who are committed not only to the preservation of the habitat of endangered species, but also target species conservation. Each sold part of the collection is therefore a donation for a threatened species too. With little effort, you can make a significant contribution to preserving ecosystems. With the Grigio Couture brand we also create an alternative educational opportunity and use our fashion to introduce you to the growing dangers to our ecosystems.
Our fashion is timeless, impresses with a first-class quality and forward-looking designs. We offer the collection exclusively online, so we can avoid surcharges from traditional retailers and freely decide who we want to support. In addition, we only produce in a very limited amount (Limited like Nature / #limitedlikenature), this makes each part something special, because our nature cannot be reproduced.
We have invested a lot of time to find the right factory that produces the quality garments according to our specifications. The production of our current collection took place in Istanbul under best conditions. In order to be able to guarantee this, we visited our selected factory in advance and were able to personally convince ourselves of the local conditions.